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  • Welcome our new Sponsors - Family Service Lincoln & Olsson 

    by Jes Slavin | Sep 17,2020
    The BikeLNK system is excited to welcome two new system sponsors- Family Service Lincoln & Olsson! Their bikes have been launched in the system, so, keep your eye out for these cool new designs!

    Family Service Lincoln is helping families thrive in our community through a variety of programs aimed at meeting the needs of families with young/school-aged children. Olsson is a nationally recognized, employee owned engineering and design firm who is working to leave the world better than they found it. 

    Join us in welcoming these two new sponsors to our program- BikeLNK wouldn't be a success without organizations like these ones. We appreciate all of our wonderful BikeLNK Sponsors and their commitment to our community. You can find the full list of BikeLNK Sponsors on our Sponsors and Partners page.

    We are always looking for more sponsors to support BikeLNK. By sponsoring your local bike sharing system, you are showing an investment in your community and commitment to sustainability. If you're interested in sponsorship you can check out our Become A Sponsor page for more details.

    Olsson and FSL FrontOlson & FSL Skirtguards
  • UNL Students, Faculty, & Staff can get a year of unlimited 1-hour trips for $10!

    by Jes Slavin | Aug 24,2020
    The fall semester is upon us and we want to make sure the UNL Community has access to reliable, socially distanced transportation. BikeLNK stations are located on City, Innovation, and East Campuses as well as around Downtown Lincoln.

    All bikes and kiosks are regularly disinfected by our bike maintenance team, but we suggest riders wipe down the bikes before use just like they would any public surface.

    To get the $10 Aluminum Access membership, UNL community members need to sign up with the the promo code UNLBIKES2021 & their email address. All trips 1-hour or less are included in the pass, trips longer than 1-hour cost $6 per additional hour.

    Sign up on our website or the BCycle App today to get riding! The BCycle App is available on iOS and Android. We suggest utilizing the BCycle App for bike check outs and to locate our new electric pedal-assist bikes to give your trips an extra boost.

    UNL 2021 School Year

  • Ride Longer with BikeLNK!

    by Jes Slavin | Jun 01,2020

    BikeLNK has seen over 80,000 trips in the past two years and received feedback from many of the riders. Based on user feedback and data from the past two years, we are changing up trip length and our casual pass structure.

    As of today, June 1, 2020, all pass types come with unlimited 1-hour trips. This is an increase from the original 30-minute trip. All trips longer than one hour, regardless of pass type, will now cost $6 per additional hour. This change comes with no price increase for the Visiting Voyager, Monthly, or Aluminum Access membership types.

    We are also retiring their single trip pass, formerly the Quick Tripper Pass, and replacing it with the Capital Cruiser which comes with 24 hours of unlimited 1-hour trips. This means, no matter what pass you buy, you can now ride as many times as you like as long as your trips are 1 hour or less. More information about all pass types can be found on our Rates Page

    BikeLNK is proud to provide Lincoln with active transportation and healthy activity. We have increased our cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19 and have been reminding riders to follow social distancing guidelines when riding. For the most up to date BikeLNK news & information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • BikeLNK COVID-19 Response

    by Jes Slavin | Mar 13,2020

    Due to the recent actions being taken to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community, we wanted to update you on what we are doing and measures you can take to stay healthy.

    To help keep our riders healthy we will be enacting the following protocols:

    • Our Technicians staff will be disinfecting all user contact surfaces, including but not limited to: station touchscreens, dock buttons & RFID fob readers, bike handlebars, brake levers, seat & seatpost adjustment clamps, on a routine & scheduled basis. 

    • Our Management staff will intensely monitor our various Customer Service networks, to respond in real time, to any issues or concerns of our users.

    There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself when riding bike share:

    • Wipe down the bike with disinfectant, just like you would any public surface

    • Wear gloves or mittens while riding as a precaution

    • Wash hands thoroughly after riding and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands

    Social distancing is a useful tool to slow the spread of this disease and bike share is a great way to commute as it helps with this social distancing. When possible, opting for single occupancy transport, like bike share, can help reduce your risk as opposed to traveling in shared vehicles.  To learn more about COVID-19 and other precautions you can take, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization

    Bike Shares across the country have been stepping up to provide alternative single-occupancy transportation to help keep our communities healthier. The Better Bike Share Partnership just published a great article that you can read about bike share and COVID-19. Check out their post, Coronavius: When All Else is Contaminated, Rely on Bike Share. It contains information on precautions to take when utilizing bike share and how this mode of transportation can help with slowing the spread of the virus.

    We will be continually monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), federal agencies, and local agency guidelines. Together we can help keep our communities healthier.


  • It's Electric - BikeLNK launches demo fleet of 5 electric pedal-assist bikes

    by Jes Slavin | Mar 02,2020

    BikeLNK is powering up with five electric pedal-assist bikes in March and April. E-bikes are the newest bike sharing technology that have helped systems across the country increase ridership and become just a bit more fun. We are excited to have the bikes in the system for two months to see how the community responds- we think e-bikes will not only bring more rides and even more smiles.

    The five bikes are a demo fleet of BCycle Electric bikes which assist riders as they pedal up to 17mph. The this powered up demo run is being sponsored by Allo, provider of lightning-fast fiber. There is no additional cost to use an e-bike, you just need a valid BikeLNK pass. To get the assist, you need to turn on the bike with a button located above the screen on the left-side of the handlebars. Once you start pedaling, the electric-assist will match the your power.

    We plan to have a “home base” station for the bikes to be at each day to ensure they rotate around the system. That way everyone can get a chance to experience the joy of electric-assist while out riding. The bikes will start at the “home base” station each morning and be brought back to the station three more times throughout the day. On Monday, March 2nd, the bikes will start at the 11th & P station located right outside Embassy Suites. We suggest using the BCycle App to locate the e-bikes which will be shown with a little lightning bolt symbol on the station icon.

    These demo bikes are the same model as the 90 electric pedal-assist bikes in Omaha's bike share system, Heartland B-cycle. In Omaha, the e-bikes have been met with much enthusiasm causing Heartland B-cycle trips to increase by 118%. BCycle systems across the country have had great success with implementing e-bikes and we expect the Lincoln community to have a similar reception.  

    You can take a ride on a game changing electric pedal-assist bike from BikeLNK starting Monday, March 2nd and they will be available until the end of April. E-bikes can be located using the BCycle App or follow us on social media to see what station the bikes will be “home based” on that day.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the latest e-bike updates.

BikeLNK Riders on N Street Cycletrack
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