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Priced for quick rides, BikeLNK is the no-hassles, no-polluting, green transportation solution to parking fees and gas prices. 

As a member, you'll can take any of our bikes on an unlimited number of rides and all trips under 1-hour are FREE! Additional usage fees apply to trips over 1-hour.  Simply return your bike to any station and check it back out to restart your 1-hour period.

Capital Cruiser and Visiting Voyager passes can be purchased directly at a kiosk using a credit card and following the options on the screen.

Bikes can be returned to any station.


All BikeLNK riders must agree to our User Agreement.

Check it out here: User Agreement

 Are you ready to get riding with BikeLNK?

BikeLNK Replacement Fees

BikeLNK Card Replacement  $5
BikeLNK Bike Replacement  $1200
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