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19th & S St Station Expanded by 4 Docks

by Unknown | Sep 28, 2020
Due to popular demand, the staton at 19th & S St, located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's City Campus, has been expanded from 8 docks to 12 docks. The increased capacity will ensure there are enough available docks to meet user demand.

The station is situated behind the Eastside Suites right across the street from the University Health Center and was the fifth busiest station in the BikeLNK system this month. The station has seen increased traffic this semester making the expansion to 12 docks necessary to help maintain the optimal balance of full to empty docks at all times. 19th & S is the second station on campus to benefit from an expansion project. The station at 14th & R, right outside the Nebraska Union on City Campus, started as an 8 dock station but the station size was increased to 17 docks after it showed more ridership than any other station in the BikeLNK system. We are excited for the expansion at 19th & S and hope it gets more students, faculty, and staff riding.

Utilizing BikeLNK is a quick & socially distanced way to get around the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's campuses! There are 3 stations on City Campus, 2 on East Campus, and 1 on Innovation Campus. We suggest looking on google maps biking directions or pick up a one of Great Plains Trails Network's Lincoln Trails Map at a local bike friendly business like the Hub Cafe to plan your route between campuses. There are a few ways to go by trail to get between City and East Campus or you can take low volume, bike friendly streets like Y St.

Common BikeLNK Routes around the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campuses
From 14th & R (City Campus Union) to 14th & Avery (Harper, Schramm, Smith & Village) is an approximately 5 minute trip.
From 14th & Avery to 19th & Transformation Dr (Innovation Campus) takes about 10 minutes on the bike trail.
From 19th & Transformation Drive to 35th & Center St (East Campus Rec) is around 25 minutes on the John Dietrich Trail or Mopac East Trail.
From 35th & Center to the Dairy Store station is about 3 minutes through East Campus.
East Campus to The Nebraska Union on City Campus via Y St can take less than 20 minutes.

We took the trips to calculate these approximate ride times on our classic bikes. You may take a little bit longer or go a little more quickly, but we are confident it will take you under your allotted free hour of ride time. If you take an e-bike it might not be faster but you will arrive a little less tired than on a classic bike. Locate an e-bike on the BCycle App and once you turn it on it will help assist as you pedal up to 17mph. 

Taking BikeLNK between campuses is not only easy to do but it's easy on your wallet too! University of Nebraska-Lincoln community members can get a year of unlimited 1-hour trips for just $10! All you need to do is sign up for an Aluminum Access membership on the BCycle App or on our website with the promo code UNLBIKES2021 and you email address. Once you have your passes, you can use the BCycle App to check out a bike and get riding! As long as your trips are less than 1-hour each time, you'll have no additional fees. Ride longer than 1-hour, the trip will cost $6 per additional hour you ride and you'll be charged for all overage fees on a monthly basis.

To ensure the health and safety of our riders, our bike technician team wears masks and gloves while handling the bikes and all of the user contact surfaces on our bikes and stations are being routinely disinfected. We suggest that our riders disinfect the bike before use just like any public surface and to mask up if they can't maintain six feet of distance between themselves and others while out riding. For up to date information on the BikeLNK system follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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