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  • New Station at 8th & P!

    by Jes Slavin | Feb 12,2020
    The corner of 8th & P just got even better with a brand new 10 dock BikeLNK station. Conveniently located by the bike corral, it is the perfect station to ride with your friends to all your favorite Haymarket businesses. It's now easier than ever to use BikeLNK to hop over to the Farmers Market, grab some coffee, or explore the amazing eateries on the Southeast corner of the Haymarket District.


    The station was made possible by a Lancaster County Visitors Improvement Fund Grant which provided the funds for the ten dock station and five bikes. Visitors and locals alike will benefit from this new station, it is just a few blocks North of the N Street cycle-track and one of three stations located within the Haymarket District. The placement of the station behind the bike corral is especially perfect for those riding in groups with a mix personal bikes and BikeLNK bikes.

    With this addition, BikeLNK now has 21 stations and 105 bikes for locals and visitors alike to ride around town. Station maps are available at each kiosk and live maps can be found on our website and the BCycle App. A 30-minute trip costs just $3 with longer term passes available that include unlimited 30-minute trips, with trips longer costing $3 per each additional 30-minutes. Passes can be purchased at the kiosk, on the BCycle App, or at on our website

    We are extremely excited about this new addition to our system. Stop by 8th & P to check it out yourself and let us know what you think. We know you're going to love it.

  • BikeLNK named a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists

    by Jes Slavin | Jan 15,2020

    Today, the League of American Bicyclists recognized BikeLNK with a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) award, earning it a place alongside 1,366 businesses across the country contributing to the movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America.

    By kicking off the New Year alongside 153 new and renewing BFBs, BikeLNK joins local businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies in all 50 states and Washington, DC, in a commitment to transform American workplaces to be more welcoming to customers and employees who bike.

    “When places make it easier for people to choose to bike, they are building safer, stronger, and better connected communities. The League of American Bicyclists is thrilled when organizations like BikeLNK  join us in this movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America. When more people are biking to work or shop, life is better for everyone,” says Executive Director Bill Nesper of the League of American Bicyclists. 

    An important part of a growing trend not just in Lincoln, but nationwide, is recognizing how important supporting bicycling can be for building better, safer, more connected communities through bike friendly accommodations. BikeLNK encourages bicycling as an easy option for transportation, not just via bike share, but by also providing various amenities to its visitors and staff.   Safe, indoor personal bike parking, discounts for bicycle parts & commuting accessories, continual access to bicycle & safety education classes, along with various advocacy/community volunteer opportunities to give back to the Lincoln community.

    “Healthy, vibrant communities are made up of the strong connections between the people within it. Biking does just that!” says Jamie Granquist, BikeLNK City Manager. “You experience Lincoln on another level, with all 5 senses, taking it all in. Places that support varied transportation options for patrons and employees, show that they are not just invested in active, healthy living but a better environment for all. We are better, TOGETHER!”

    Moving forward, BikeLNK will have access to a variety of tools and technical assistance from the League to become even more bicycle-friendly. When employees bike, great things happen: through bike commuting we decrease our carbon footprint, connect to our community, and it makes for a fun and healthy work culture.

    To learn more about the BFB program, or to apply, visit the League online at

    BFB by award_January 2020

    About the Bicycle Friendly America Program

    To learn more about building a Bicycle Friendly America, including the Bicycle Friendly CommunitySM (BFCSM), Bicycle Friendly StateSM (BFSSM), Bicycle Friendly BusinessSM (BFBSM), and Bicycle Friendly UniversitySM (BFUSM) programs, visit

    The League of American Bicyclists leads the national movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. With a history dating to 1880, the League is committed to engaging diverse communities and building a powerful, unified voice for change around protecting and promoting bicyclists’ rights. Learn more at
  • 2019 Year in Review

    by Jes Slavin | Dec 20,2019
    While 2019 is not quite over, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made it an amazing year for bike share! We added the F Street Community Art Station and saw record ridership month after month. Compared to our 2018, BikeLNK ridership increased by 54%. We did have three extra months to ride, but we still think that is pretty phenomenal! 

    BikeLNK 2019 Stats
    2019 stats at a glance as of 12/19/19:
    🚲 44,304 trips
    🚲 80,479 miles ridden
    🌳 76,718 lbs of carbon offset
    💪 3,201,290 calories burned

    Since program launch the Lincoln community has really embraced bike share and we couldn't be more grateful for the support. In less than two years, BikeLNK riders have taken over 72,800 trips and traveled over 147,600 miles. Lincoln is an amazing place to ride a bike and we're so glad that BikeLNK riders have been take advantage of it. 2019 was pretty magical, we can't wait to for 2020!
  • BikeLNK Celebrated 1st Birthday with Two Days of Events

    by Jes Slavin | Apr 22,2019

    BikeLNK launched on a cold April day last year and celebrated a year of success with two warm, sunshine filled events. The two days of celebrations included the unveiling of the new F Street Community Art Station and their first Birthday Party. Both events were attended by the community that has made the bike sharing program such a success.

    The BikeLNK birthday celebrations kicked off Friday with the launch of their F Street Community Art Station- the world’s first art covered bike share station. South of Downtown Community Development Organization, the City of Lincoln, Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln Public Schools, & Heartland Bike Share worked together to ensure the success of this project. The art station was designed by Lincoln Public School students and local artists. The student contest winners were Caitlin Nelepovitz, Michael Pau, Dominic Walker, Ba Moo, Zaineb Aljumayaat, Iris Starlin-Hintz, and Natalie Leininger. Local artists Miranda Knudson and Jerrod Easter designed the docks to match the contest-winning base plate designs, along with their original designs. The local artists along with Iris Starlin-Hintz and Natalie Leininger, the high school art contest winners, made the station come alive and it is now functional art piece for all of Lincoln to enjoy! The community-driven project was made possible by a grant from Better Bike Share.

    The station is located outside the F Street Community Center on the corner of F and 13th St along the new 13th St bike lanes. The station was unveiled to show the new artwork which was created by this community effort. Community partners and project collaborators took part in ceremonial first check outs at the station. Speakers included Kayla Jacox, Lincoln Industries Marketing Manager; Kat Weise, South of Downtown Community Organizer; Doug Kasparek, Center Director of F St Community Center with Lincoln Parks & Recreation; Kellee Van Bruggen, Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department Transportation Planner; Iris Starlin Hintz, Arts & Humanities Student art contest winner; Natalie Leininger, Lincoln High School Student art contest winner; and Dustin Antonello, Director of Policy & Research, Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA).

    The F Street Community Art Station is not only a functional bike share station but community driven public-art. Kat Weise, South of Downtown Community Organizer and artist, said, “Art builds skills and helps in numerous fields of study, but what's really valuable about the study of art is learning creative thinking. Creative thinking is being able to look at problems from multiple perspectives and address all of the ways it could be solved. That is what we hope to give to the South of Downtown community."

    The high school student art contest winners were extremely excited about their part in the process and what it means for the community. Iris Starlin-Hintz, Arts & Humanities Student art contest winner, said “I think that community centers like these are important to not only bring people together but also strengthen the bond between us through artistic expression. Through this process I have learned a great lesson about collaboration and teamwork and I think that group meeting places like this support the joys I felt in this experience.” Lincoln High School student art contest winner, Natalie Leininger, said, “This art station is a great reminder for us all as a community that the artwork doesn't just belong to the artists who painted it, but it transcends to all of the people who visit the kiosk every day. So thank you for this amazing opportunity that I got to share with this amazing community of people.”

    As the first new station in the BikeLNK system, this project gave a unique opportunity for community engagement as the system expanded into a new Lincoln neighborhood. Kellee Van Bruggen, Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department Transportation Planner and project lead on the Lincoln Bike Share project, said, “This new station will be the first the City of Lincoln has added to the system since the launch a year ago and the first station the South of Downtown neighborhood. Our partners in this project used this opportunity to create intensive community engagement around a new station by allowing the local community to design exactly how the station moving into their neighborhood will look. We are the first in the nation to have an art bike sharing station.”

    The day after the launch of the F Street Community Art Station, BikeLNK celebrated one year of operations with the party at their office. BikeLNK’s first birthday party was a celebration of the community that has made the system a success. Kitchen Sink Bakery donated a funfetti birthday cake that attendees enjoyed while they chatted about bikes and bike shared in Lincoln. Prizes donated by a variety of community partners (Lincoln Running Company, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Outdoor Adventures Center, Bike Walk Nebraska, Screen Ink, Hound Dog Cycling Adventures, and Hub Cafe) were raffled off to attendees. The event was well attended by community supporters and everyone is looking forward to what year two will hold for Lincoln’s bike share system.

  • March BikeLNK Station Updates

    by Jes Slavin | Mar 18,2019

    March is already half over but time has been flying over here at BikeLNK. We've been working hard planning for our one year anniversary (April 20th! - save the date now) and several other fun projects that we'll be rolling out soon. This month we have some system updates & exciting news!

    Our station at 21st & L has been completely removed on a temporary basis and will be gone for a few weeks in preparation for some big things to come. The 21st & L location should be re-installed and back online by early April so be on the look out for that update. Until then, the closest stations are the ones at 18th & N and 21st & Q. As always, we suggest that you utilize the BCycle App to check the system before you ride.

    Our station at 14th & R, outside of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Union, has been expanded! The 14th & R location, which was formerly 8 docks, now has 17 docks and is our first double-sided station in the system. This station is our most popular in the system and was previously our smallest station. We are extremely excited to have been able to make this expansion happen and hope that it can better serve the demand. 

    In addition to our expansion at 14th & R, we will be adding a station in front of the F Street Community Center at the corner of 13th & F next month! This station will also be a community-driven art project and will have a completely different look than our typical grey docks! We will have project updates and some sneak peaks of the F Street Community Art Station coming up in early April. So, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates on all of our projects & BikeLNK goodness!

    Expanded UNL Student Union Station

BikeLNK Riders on N Street Cycletrack
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