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New BikeLNK City Manager!

by Hunter Arias | Dec 13, 2023

Hello BikeLNKers!

New BikeLNK City Manager Hunter Arias here, just dropping in to introduce myself! The previous City Manager, the wonderful Logan Spackman, is transitioning to a position at ROAM SHARE, the bikeshare operator for all of Nebraska and the umbrella company of BikeLNK, so he'll still be around, don't worry.

My background is in community planning, specifically active transportation planning and grant writing, as I received my master's degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture and subsequently worked for Felsburg, Holt, and Ullevig as a transportation planner. There, I had the privilege of working on various bicycle infrastructure projects and studies for Lincoln and other cities in the midwest.

My through-line is a love of cycling. For both transportation and recreation, my bike is by far the most important tool in my life. Lincoln has done a stellar job of creating bike infrastructure, and likewise it's a joy to be a part of the cycling community and to assume the role of City Manager. I can't wait to give this role my all and meet everyone who makes BikeLNK a reality.

See ya on the bike lanes, trails, and on-street routes!

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