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New Year, New YOU in 2022!

by Jamie Granquist | Jan 05, 2022
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 8.57.56 AMMake 2022 your year of increased health and fitness with less reliance on polluting modes of transit and recreation by purchasing a BikeLNK membership for the NEW YEAR!

BikeLNK has 21 stations conveniently located throughout downtown Lincoln, allowing access to a huge variety of restaurants, retail businesses, and entertainment venues. With 105 classic pedal bicycles and 26 electric bicycles, BikeLNK can get you there fast and in style, without even breaking a sweat!

An annual Aluminum Access membership allows an incredible 365 days of access to 60 minutes or less trips, no matter the season. Not ready to commit to a whole year? No problem! BikeLNK's Monthly Membership provides 31 days of access to bike share's unlimited 60 minutes or less trips. Don't forget, our casual 72 hour access Visiting Voyager and 24 hour access passes allow for those spontaneous trips about town with friends and family too!

2022 is the perfect time to make a lasting impact on increased health and wellness with a greater environmental purpose in mind. BikeLNK is better for you and better for the community!

Hop on board, TODAY!
BikeLNK Riders on N Street Cycletrack


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