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Take Flight with BroomLNK

by Unknown | Oct 27, 2020

Witches and Wizards, BroomLNK is back for all your Halloween week transportation needs. Shareable brooms (and one mop!) are now available in BikeLNK stations to help get you flying. This is the third year BroomLNK has supplied Lincoln with this magical micromobility transportation option.

Just like the BikeLNK bikes, the BroomLNK brooms will be docked in the stations and can be accessed by any BikeLNK passes. By purchasing a Capital Cruiser pass, riders will have access to unlimited one-hour trips of bikes or brooms for 24 hours. Current BikeLNK members can check out the brooms just like they would any BikeLNK bike. Magical riders must properly dock their broomsticks after their ride.

Follow along with the BroomLNK fun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We'd love to see you out flying- post a photo or video with #BroomLNK and don't forget to tag us. Happy Halloween from all of us at BikeLNK- enjoy the ride!

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BikeLNK - BCycle App Web
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