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2019 Year in Review

by Jes Slavin | Dec 20, 2019
While 2019 is not quite over, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made it an amazing year for bike share! We added the F Street Community Art Station and saw record ridership month after month. Compared to our 2018, BikeLNK ridership increased by 54%. We did have three extra months to ride, but we still think that is pretty phenomenal! 

BikeLNK 2019 Stats
2019 stats at a glance as of 12/19/19:
🚲 44,304 trips
🚲 80,479 miles ridden
🌳 76,718 lbs of carbon offset
💪 3,201,290 calories burned

Since program launch the Lincoln community has really embraced bike share and we couldn't be more grateful for the support. In less than two years, BikeLNK riders have taken over 72,800 trips and traveled over 147,600 miles. Lincoln is an amazing place to ride a bike and we're so glad that BikeLNK riders have been take advantage of it. 2019 was pretty magical, we can't wait to for 2020!
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